Nautilon Sea Quest is a retro styled underwater shoot em up, inspired by classic Atari 2600 submarine games like Seaquest.

Dodge and shoot different types of submarine enemies and help retrieve the stolen gold. Look out for dropped power ups, they can help your mission. Attention to the oxygen indicator, you must resurface to refill before it ends.

Game features:

  •  Original pixel art graphics,
  •  Retro styled sound effects,
  •  Original music composed with virtual synths modeled on classics like Yamaha DX7, Clavia Nord Lead 2 and Ensoniq SQ-80 synthesizers,
  •  Simple fun arcade game play, try your high score as speed increases.


  •  Directional keys or AWSD to move,
  •  Space or Ctrl to shoot,
  •  P to pause.

Power ups:

  •  P (orange): increases your submarine shot rate and speed,
  •  Plus sign (blue): increases health,
  •  B (red): bomb, destroys all submarine enemies on screen.

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